A'Driane Nieves


A'Driane is a USAF Veteran, visual artist, writer, and mental health advocate living with bipolar disorder.

Twitter: @addyeB

Instagram: @addyeb_art



Maritza Valle, MA, LPC, RPT, LMT

Maritza is a bi-racial, multi-cultural, one-and-one-half-lingual mental health counselor & massage therapist committed to seeing clients from all colors, creeds, and communities and who uses her diverse background to help her understand the unique perspective of each individual in counseling. 

Website: Shine Sparrow Therapy,


Rozella Haydee White


Rozella White, M.A.R, is desperately seeking justice, mercy, humility and love. Rozella lives with Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety disorder. She is committed to integrating conversations about faith, mental illness and self awareness. Rozella serves as a coach, consultant and spiritual director for those who want to live a meaningful life by embracing the fullness of who they are. She blogs at about her experience as a young black woman of faith who lives with mental illness. 

Twitter/Instagram: @rozellahw


Facebook: Rozella Haydee White